Explore the Medicine of PBS’ Mercy Street in Alexandria, VA

Fans of PBS’ Mercy Street, based on real events of Civil War Alexandria, Virginia, can explore the real history behind the show by visiting Alexandria, located just outside of Washington, D.C. The city is presenting 50 Mercy Street-inspired tours, exhibits and events.

As seen in season two of PBS’ Mercy Street, medicine advanced at a fast pace during the Civil War due to high demand for doctors, nurses and new treatments. There weren’t just wounds from the war to worry about, but also diseases spreading rampantly throughout the country. The high-stakes and fast-paced drama seen in Mercy Street was not so different in real life, with over 30 hospitals in Alexandria during the Civil War and an Apothecary that remains open as a museum today, medicine serves as a fascinating lens into the complex experiences different people had during the war. In this post, we explore real people and places that inspired PBS’ Mercy Street and the role of medicine during the Civil War.

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Your Guide to Celebrating George Washington’s Birthday in Alexandria

Did you know you’re invited to one of the biggest birthday parties in America? On February 20, 2017, thousands of people (plus some dogs and horses) will march through the streets of Old Town Alexandria to celebrate the 285th anniversary of George Washington’s birthday.

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Alexandria Spies and Secrets from PBS’ Mercy Street

In the season two premier of PBS’ Mercy Street, the action picks up right where it left off in Alexandria, with Frank Stringfellow narrowly deciding to ditch his plan to blow up the Mansion House during a visit from President Lincoln. Even though Frank doesn’t follow through with his plan, he’s still got a few tricks up his sleeve and isn’t done spying in Alexandria. Keep reading to learn more about the real Frank Stringfellow and other Civil War spy tales along with Mercy Street-inspired spy experiences in Alexandria, Virginia, just outside Washington, DC.

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Morning Joe: Top Coffee Spots in Alexandria

There are lots of good reasons to start your day in Alexandria—the bustling energy, the very good chance you’ll run into an adorable pup or two, and of course the cozy cafés where you can warm up and fuel up with coffee before you hit the streets. Continue reading

Alexandria Brings PBS’ Mercy Street to Life for Season Two

As fans of the PBS Civil War-era drama Mercy Street anticipate the show’s return for a second season on January 22, 2017, at 8:00 p.m. ET, historic Alexandria, Virginia announces 40 new tours, exhibits and events inspired by the series.

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What’s New in Alexandria 2017

With experiential new tours, historic beer, an evolving waterfront and trending food, Alexandria, Virginia continues to make history with new happenings and major openings in 2017. Just outside of Washington, D.C., visitors and locals seeking uncommon experiences will find a wealth of options in historic Old Town Alexandria and off-the-beaten path neighborhoods.

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