Spring Tours, Costume Exhibit and More Bring PBS’ Mercy Street to Life in Alexandria, VA

Now that season two of the PBS Civil War-era drama Mercy Street has aired, Alexandria, Virginia has rolled out a new exhibit of costumes from the show plus 12 tours inspired by the series. PBS’ first American drama in a decade is inspired by real events of Civil War Alexandria. Visitors can explore more than 50 Mercy Street-inspired tours, exhibits and events taking place in Alexandria in 2017.

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Explore Costumes of PBS’ Mercy Street in Alexandria, Virginia

Fans of PBS’ Mercy Street, based on real events of Civil War Alexandria, Virginia, can explore the real history behind the show by visiting Alexandria, located just outside of Washington, D.C. The city is presenting 50 Mercy Street-inspired tours, exhibits and events.

One of the best things about PBS’ Mercy Street is the attention to detail and historical accuracy, and the costumes featured on the series are no different. Fans can’t get enough of the elaborate Civil War costumes worn by Mercy Street characters from the nurses to the soldiers, doctors and more. In this post, we explore the costumes from Mercy Street including insight from the costume designer, and how the costumes shed a spotlight on gender during the Civil War. Keep reading to learn about visitor experiences in Alexandria, including an opportunity to see real costumes from Mercy Street and try on your own Mercy Street-inspired costume!

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