2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Top 5 Extraordinary Gifts for Him

Wondering what to get the men in your life this holiday season? Whether he’s an adventure-seeking outdoorsman, a fashion-savvy modern gentleman or an aspiring cocktail connoisseur, we bet you’ll find the perfect gift for your beau, dad, brother or friend on our list of Alexandria’s Top 5 Gifts for Men.


1. Hermes Silk Ties $68.50, Mint Condition


Hermes Silk Ties


2. Moonshine aftershave balm, $40, and Moonshine Gentlemen’s Cologne, $80, hand crafted in the U.S., Natty Beau

Handcrafted Natty Beau Moonshine Aftershave and Cologne

3. Silver tone cufflinks in original box, $55, The Hour



4. Cedar-lined waterproof Sage humidor (7×2”), $50Urban Angler

Sage Humidor

5. Leather bar kit by Todd Thrasher, $185 Society Fair

Leather Bartending Kit



BONUS: Jack Rudy Small-batch Tonics, $22/bottle, Red Barn Mercantile

Jack Rudy Tonic

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