2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Top 5 Handcrafted Gifts

The key to holiday gift giving? The best gifts are not mainstream or manufactured, but hand-picked and handmade. Thankfully, you don’t have to go far to find artisan-created gifts—Alexandria is a hotspot for handcrafted goods, from fine art to jewelry, clothing, skin care and more. Read on to see the one-of-a-kind products that made our list of the Top 5 Extraordinary Handcrafted Gifts from Alexandria!


1. Customizable accessories with a range of color tones, $40-$400, Cultured Concepts




2.Guinea hens by women’s potters cooperative, $25-$175, St. George Gallery




3. Three week intro to knitting class, $75, fibre space




4. Home spa gift box with a bar soap, soap infused loofah, perfume, massage lotion, lip balm, herb sachet, gift card and ribbon, $49.99,  Truly Life




5. Hat, $50, scarf, $70, and texting gloves, $24 to $35,  Imagine Artwear




Bonus: Petal rings made from glass and sterling silver, $72, Poppi Shop






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