Top 5: Summer Treats

We’re all aware that summer on the East Coast can mean some seriously warm weather. So what better way to beat the heat than with something cold and sweet like ice cream or a popsicle?Aside from eateries specializing in these chilled favorites, there are some awesome Alexandria restaurants with swoon-worthy dessert menus, equipped with delectable ice cream-laden dishes. Feeling heated? Here are some top spots to check out if you’re looking to keep cool this summer:


1. Pop’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream

lImage by Yelp user Janey L.

Zip back in time to when tall stools, checked-floors and a whole host of delicious flavors was the name of the ice cream game. Just along the waterfront, Pop’s offers a delectable range of choices, from traditional favorites to funky yet totally yummy ice creams, to be put on a cone (or waffle cone, if you’re totally ambitious) or sky-high sundae.


2. Dairy Godmother Frozen Custard & Nostalgic Treats


The beauty of this Wisconsin-style custard shop is, with an always changing menu, no two visits are alike. On the hottest days of summer, stay cool with popsicles (ever had a rootbeer float popsicle? Want to try one?) or amazingly-thick, homemade custard—seriously, it’s made in the back. Even your pups can stay cool with an all-natural “puppy pop.”


3. Killer E.S.P.

529086_657731484254392_1148293611_nImage by Run in Out

Let’s break this down: Killer E.S.P. aka Killer Espresso, Sorbet, Pie. Also known as the three best things on the planet, all under one roof. At this cozy neighborhood favorite, visitors can sip on coffee while either ogling the colorful sorbet display case (sometimes equipped with whole chunks of fruit) or live a little and get yourself a cup.


4. Ben & Jerry’s

3140794519_6ba0ca5917_oImage by Robyn Lee

Everyone knows (and loves) two of my best pals, Ben and Jerry. Their creative flavors are household names across the country, consistently serving out-of-this-world concoctions, oftentimes packed with chunks of heavenly chocolate, fruit or other candy pieces. And of course, being an institution, they’ve got your classics too, making sure there’s a little bit of something for everyone.


5. The Creamery

13300203244_e1f303754c_oImage by Flickr user Biketripper

Alexandria is all about authentic, so how does a little mom and pop ice cream place that’s specialized in homemade ice cream in a mouth-watering array of flavors and frozen custard, plus cookies and cobblers baked on-site for the last 25 years do? It’ll do just fine, if you ask me.


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