Top 10 Places to Instagram in Alexandria

Alexandria’s vibrant row houses, picturesque cobblestone streets and stunning waterfront views make our historic city the perfect place to take impressive Instagram images. We’ve rounded up our top 10 places to Instagram in Alexandria with some of our favorite examples from local Instagrammers to help you scout out the best photo ops. Follow @VisitAlexVA to check out more images and be sure to tag #ExtraordinaryALX for a chance to be featured on Visit Alexandria’s social media.

1. Jones Point Park

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Jones Point Park offers spectacular sunrise views on the Potomac River and is the perfect spot for a morning or afternoon stroll along the waterfront. Snap some pictures of the historic Jones Point Lighthouse—one of the only remaining riverine lighthouses in the country—for stunning Instagram images like this one from @miliman12, and take a moment to explore the park, where the original southern Boundary Stone of Washington, DC lies.

2. Row Houses


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Alexandria is well known for its colorful and historic row houses like this one captured by @erinebert. Some of our favorite places for Instagram pictures of row houses include Prince and Queen Streets towards the waterfront. For the added (and awesome) touch of classic cars, check out Casa Rosada Artisan Gelato on the corner of S. Payne and King Street—there’s usually a classic car parked right outside.

3. Cobblestone Streets & Alleyways 

The cobblestone streets and alleyways that wind through Alexandria are a work of art in their own right, and are well-known for engagement photos and romantic strolls. We’ve also seen some creative pictures taken on Instagram, like this one of Captains Row from @parkergolden taken during Visit Alexandria’s first #InstaMeetALX. You can find more Instagram-worthy cobblestone alleyways throughout Old Town, including Swift Alley and Wales Alley near King Street.

4. The Marina

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Alexandria’s waterfront marina has a photo op around every corner. We love @miliman12‘s perspective of the Cherry Blossom paddle boat from the city docks. Take a walk through Alexandria’s waterfront parks, grab a bite to eat alongside the river, or explore the Torpedo Factory Art Center on the marina for a chance to talk with over 80 local artists and take some unique pictures inside.

5. Wilkes Tunnel

Some of the most creative and unique Instagram images in Alexandria are captured in or around the Wilkes Street tunnel, which is one of the only remaining structures from Alexandria’s railroad history. There are some amazing Instagram images shot through the tunnel including skateboarders, row houses and bicyclists, but this one from @506thcurrahee is definitely one of the coolest.

6. Architectural Details

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As you walk around Alexandria, you’ll notice various architectural details including fire mark plaques, star anchors, decorative iron gates and gaslit lamps. I notice something new on every walk I take, from ornate door decorations to a simple historical marker. @spikenavy has a great eye for catching these details from a unique angle, and we love seeing the new perspective locals and visitors find every day in the Port City.

7. Spite House


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The Spite House at 523 Queen Street is one of the narrowest houses in America, which makes it a fantastic photo op. Some of the best pictures of the Spite House include objects for proportion, like @jennirightmeow’s bike, to show just how narrow the house really is.

8. King Street

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There are seemingly endless photo ops all along King Street, and you can conveniently catch all of them by hopping on the Free King Street Trolley. We love Instagram pictures of the twinkle-lit canopy of trees above during the holidays, or brick-lined sidewalks and independently-owned boutique windows as captured by @kevinataylor.

9. Mount Vernon Trail


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Turn your water break into a photo shoot as you walk, bike or jog the Mount Vernon Trail along the Potomac River. Some of the best spots for Instagram pictures include Founders Park, Belle Haven Park and the Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve—all are spectacular at sunrise or sunset.

10. George Washington Masonic National Memorial

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Last but not least, the George Washington Masonic National Memorial is iconic to Alexandria. Instagrammers have captured some extraordinary shots of the Masonic Memorial, especially from the front steps during sunset or with the colorful lights at night. This panorama taken by @jsanchezphotog makes me feel like I’m there now, basking in the sun after an afternoon bike ride.


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Header image credit: @miliman12